Temple Spa Skin Therapy Class

Once upon a time, I went (reluctantly) to a Temple Spa class.

At the start of the evening I was probably the biggest cynic in the room; two hours later I was intrigued, after a week I was convinced and within a month I realised that I valued the products so highly, I became a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant.

When I first discovered Temple Spa, I was definitely not a poster child for health, radiance and well-being. I am a cancer survivor and although I am now in remission, the lingering effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a heart-stopping cocktail of drugs are far-reaching. My mobility is impaired and I am often too exhausted to even climb the stairs to get into bed. What remains of my body is ravaged by the constant, gnawing pain of Fibromyalgia, contorted with the discomfort of IBS and dogged by a lifetime of anxiety and depression. You could say that I was not in my ‘happy place’ at that time and I was resolute that the last thing I needed was to be socializing with a bunch of healthy people who were all going to be having fun!

I was NOT going to have fun. OK?

Guess what? I had fun. Interaction was precisely what I needed and, despite my initial reluctance (and after being practically bribed into attending that first Skin Therapy class) I found that my original reservations were very much afield. Legitimately astonished by the effectiveness of the Temple Spa line (particularly the wonders of TRUFFLESQUE), I found later that my opinion would be forever tilted in Temple Spa’s favour.

So, I began making small changes to my daily routine, practicing regular Temple Spa rituals and just taking some time to focus on me. I had been so busy trying to get well that ironically, I had forgotten how to take care of myself! Within a very short interlude, other people began commenting on how well I looked (instead of informing me that I looked tired); in turn, I started telling them that it was because of Temple Spa and eventually, I took courage in my new-found conviction and asked if I could join the Temple Spa family.

They said “YES” and thus, my Temple Spa adventures began…

Mel: Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant

Archived content, originally published on: Jun 15, 2017 @ 08:28


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