As well as my role as a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant, I am foremost a musician and the lead vocalist for my band, Braver than Fiction.

The music scene is not as glamorous as most people might imagine; late nights, lack of sleep, rushed journeys, jet lag, stage nerves, anxiety, stress, muscular strain, minor ailments (like colds and headaches), inadequate washing facilities…oh, the list is long.

When I first discovered Temple Spa, I realised immediately that many of the products were just what I had been looking for and my ‘on the road’ kit (of a box of Vocalzone and a packet of baby wipes) is now joyfully supplemented with a gorgeous collection of luxury ‘spa wherever you are’ saviours.* I call it my ‘MUSIC BOX’ and it contains all of my Temple Spa absolute essentials, which you can now discover for yourself:

Temple Spa REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Cream

Relaxing Night Cream
A good night’s sleep in a jar!
50 ml: £42.00 | 15 ml: £15.00

A relaxing aromatherapy face and neck night cream that calms your soul while it moisturises your skin.

  • Use as a moisturiser or dab on your pulse points to relieve anxiety (stage nerves) and provide a sense of calm
  • Use as an inflight treatment for flight hydration
  • Combats the effects of insomnia, jet lag and stress
  • Got a snorer in the band or crew? REPOSE is an antidote to snoring and insomnia so use it on them and yourself – either way, it’s a win-win!

Soothing Balm For Aching Feet & Limbs
A cooling respite!
150 ml: £20.00

A cooling and refreshing gel-balm for a quick revival and rescue. This lightweight formula soothing cream balm will chill, calm and refresh feet and legs that have been standing far too long.

  • AAAHHH!-mazing for tour and gig-weary, overworked muscles and limbs, offering relief from aches in the feet, legs and shoulders
  • Soothes and banishes puffy legs, ankles or feet
  • Calms itching from insect bites

Calming Mist For Me & My Space
The ambience of spa… in a bottle!
100 ml: £25.00 | 30 ml: £9.50

A calming and relaxing aromatherapy spritz, for when you’re finding it hard to wind down.

  • Refreshes the air around you
  • Anti-toxic and antibacterial
  • Antidote to insomnia or jet-lag
  • Soothes the nerves, deepens breathing
Temple Spa BREATH OF LIFE Inhalation Essence

Inhalation Essence
Aromatherapy energising mood booster!
10 ml: £12.00

Portable and easy to use on the go, BREATH OF LIFE is a breath of aromatic fresh air in a bottle, for when you’re feeling stuffed up and need some energising clarity of mind.

  • Another great snoring solution
  • May help ward off nasty bugs associated with colds and flu’
Temple Spa LIFE DEFENCE SPF 30 Moisturiser

SPF 30 Protecting Moisturiser
Your front line skin defender!
50 ml: £40.00

Feather-light daily moisturiser with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and blue light protection to help protect against the environment, sun, wind, pollution, aircon, heating and digital screens.

SPF 30 Protecing Lip Balm
10 ml: £15.00

A clear, deeply hydrating, anti-pollution lip balm formulated with broad-spectrum SPF 30 and blue light protection.

  • Essential SPF protection for outdoor gigs and festivals

Moisturising Lip Balm
5 ml: £3.00

Hydrating lipbalm that’s instant TLC for dry and cracked lips. This super rich, luxury lip balm is packed full of natural plant extracts, vitamins and botanicals to leave your lips sensationally soft and nourished. 

Not only does this tiny tube of wonder make your lips feel amazing, it also doubles up as a cuticle conditioner, would you believe?

  • Naturally softens and conditions lips
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation

Luxury Hand Cream
Probably the best hand cream you’ll ever use
75 ml: £15.00

More than just a hand cream, this luxurious skincare treatment soothes, moisturises, repairs and will sink quickly into skin leaving your hands softer, smoother, naturally-fragranced and most importantly – non-greasy.

More than just a hand cream, this luxurious skincare treatment soothes, moisturises, repairs and will sink quickly into skin leaving your hands softer, smoother, naturally fragranced and non-greasy. The non-greasy part is very important if you are about to make contact with a microphone, guitar or any hand-held percussion – trust me on that.

Temple Spa ALL CLEAN Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser
That’s fresh!
100 ml: £9.00 | 50 ml: £5.00

Moisturising hand sanitiser to keep pesky germs at bay and your hands clean and fresh. No soap and water in sight? No worries. Keep ALL CLEAN by your side and always to hand, in your bathroom cupboard, on your desk or in the car to stay confidently clean.

  • Can be used as a dry shower but is not ‘drying’ to the skin.

Essential Mist Tonic Toner Without The Alcohol
Mediterranean skin refreshment!
150 ml: £18.00

A beautiful tonic water that will leave skin clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. Toning removes deeply embedded debris and the final traces of your cleanser, to leave skin squeaky clean and ready for your favourite moisturiser.

  • Doubles as a great make-up setter
  • Helps keep your skin hydrated under hot stage lighting

A cooling and refreshing tonic for a quick revival and rescue. Helps reduce puffiness, boost energy levels, refresh, cool and stimulate.

Even the guys in the band will now come and ask me if I’ve got any of “that breath stuff” and I’ve saved countless faces in venue bathrooms with a spritz of TONING ESSENCE.

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*By the way, I never, ever use baby wipes on my face; you shouldn’t either. Also, wet wipes of any kind are neither recyclable nor flushable, despite what their labels may say and they should always be placed in a bin.

Mel: Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant

Archived content: originally published on: Jun 30, 2017 @ 10:04


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