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Recently, ASOS have pretty much broken the Internet with their ongoing decisions to keep the airbrush away from their swimwear and lingerie models and have continued to release images with completely unedited and un-photoshopped stretchmarks.

I have stretch marks.

Doctors often refer to stretch marks as stria, striae or – during pregnancy – striae gravidarum.


The majority of my stretch marks are from pregnancy and I proudly wear my thin, silver badges of honour; I am not in the least bit ashamed of them.

However, we are all different and for some of us, men and women alike, stretch marks are unwelcome. They can sometimes be avoidable, especially during pregnancy, with the right skincare routine but it all depends on your skin type and the fact remains that you are either prone to them or you are not and if you are, then no amount of oils or potions will deter them. It’s not your fault, it’s nature; as unavoidable as they are for some of us though, stretch marks can be distressing and learning to accept them and live with them can be a challenge.

Temple Spa do not have any ‘magic potions’ to eliminate your stretch marks; there is no such elixir and beware of anyone telling you any different. Stretch marks are scars and as such, although they can fade on their own or be treated to become less noticeable, they will not disappear forever.

What we at Temple Spa do have is a professional strength restorative oil called IT’S ALL GOOD and it is an incredibly powerful cocktail of science and natural ingredients (like peach kernel and sunflower oils) that can be used to significantly diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

IT'S ALL GOOD Nutritious Boost Facial OilIT’S ALL GOOD
Nutritious Boost Facial Oil
Beauty is skin deep
Regular Size: £30.00

IT’S ALL GOOD retails at £30.00 for a 30 ml dropper bottle and lasts for ages (as is the case with all of our products – their longevity is legendary). Bursting with nutrients to replenish even the most damaged skin, IT’S ALL GOOD is also brilliant as a massage and a beard oil as well as proving effective on scarring and stretch marks, eczema, age spots, damaged hair, nails and cuticles.

Mel: Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant

Archived content, originally published on: Jul 2, 2017 @ 12:54

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