Black Summer Truffles

When I first began using Temple Spa, as a customer, I was at a class when the question of skincare for psoriasis cropped up and I distinctly remembered the consultant who was taking the class advising that any product from Temple Spa’s ‘BE’ range (particularly PEACE BE STILL) as well as GLORIOUS MUD worked well with psoriasis-ravaged skin.

PEACE BE STILL Calming Skin Balm

Calming Skin Balm
Leave your skin in peace!
Regular Size: £19.00
Travel Size: £6.50

Fast forward to my first month as a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant and I approached a friend who I knew was plagued by psoriasis. I was so impressed with the Temple Spa range that I genuinely wanted to offer her the chance to try some of our products and see if her skin enjoyed the positive results.

GLORIOUS MUD Detoxing & Re-Mineralising All-Over Body Mud

Detoxing & Re-Mineralising All-Over Body Mud
It’s a wrap!
Regular Size: £45.00

I was met with a solid, brick wall. It was as if she was so weary of trying so many different lotions and potions that she just threw up her stock “I can’t put anything on my skin that might set it off” defence response and I was dismissed.

We all like to offer up our pearls of wisdom, don’t we? Some new thing we are enraptured with, the nugget of advice we are sure will change someone’s whole life. I know this from the many cancer-related ‘cures’ suggested to me – from mushrooms to yoga (yes…mushrooms) – so I absolutely understand the inner eye-rolling reflex kicking in when a miraculous new treatment surfaces. I get it. It’s even tougher when you sell a product, of course I’m biased and so, maybe it is perceived that one’s intentions are less than altruistic – I get that, too.

Then today, I watched a video from Alisha Bridges on coping with psoriasis that made me remember how I got myself into this, all over again.  This lady is a warrior.

Still from Rolling Out's video of Alisha Bridges speaking about psoriasis
Still from Rolling Out’s video of Alisha Bridges speaking about psoriasis

Alisha Bridges is coping with psoriasis and loving the skin she is in
For millions living with psoriasis, it can be debilitating both mentally and physically. Alisha Bridges has lived with psoriasis since childhood. As an adult, she has learned to cope with psoriasis and love the skin she is in.

I honestly just want to be great and live for more than just myself. I want to serve for a greater purpose. I want to change people’s hearts and create compassion among people the least understood.

Alisha Bridges

I joined Temple Spa because I found a range of products that absolutely defied all of my stubborn attempts to acknowledge that anything was going to make me feel better about myself and I wanted to be able to share that revelation with others; to help them as much as I am helping myself. I knoSELRES_00a5330b-ce8f-4f86-9402-03d43150463dSELRES_00a5330b-ce8f-4f86-9402-03d43150463dw what it is like to have a condition that makes every day a challenge; anything that might make any day more comfortable is welcomed.

To that end, here I go again – specifically reaching out to those of you who battle psoriasis (or any other skin disorders such as acne, rosacea or eczema) and you haven’t tried our products then at least consider it. Talk to me – I have weapons; ask me for a sample, find out what other customers have used and try some Temple Spa.

I promise, with my hand on my heart, never to attempt to sell you mushrooms.

Oh, wait! Maybe just these mushrooms…


Discover the award winning truffle family for total skin rejuvenation.

Ingredients include: champagne, strawberries, gold, silk and, uh…black summer truffles.

Mel: Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant

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