Temple Spa REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Cream

On 6th February 2017 I signed on the dotted line and began my adventure as a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant; in the following months I have been exclusively using Temple Spa products on my skin. Actually, I have used all the products; yes, all of them, more than once and, I am not in the least ashamed of this decadence

There are one or two of them that have become staples for me (as you may already have read) but by far, the ones I use regularly on my face are so magnificent I thought I would share my ‘indispens(p)ables’ with you. There is too much I want to say about each product for one blog post so this will also be the first ‘series’ I have produced. Enjoy!


REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting CreamREPOSE
Aromatherapy Resting Cream
A good night’s sleep in a jar!
Regular Size: £40.00
Travel Size: £12.50

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been transported by the scent of lavender. Finding tiny muslin bags of it nestled between the floaty rainbows of my mother’s chiffon in her scarf drawer was akin to discovering treasure. No, I wasn’t supposed to be rootling about in my mother’s dresser but therein were evening gloves of every possible colour, hair combs shaped like birds and that woody-scented, half-finished packet of my late father’s unfiltered cigarettes that she never could throw away.


Of course, everything in those drawers existed in a bloom of dessicated, lavender perfume, constrained in silky, be-ribboned sachets. I would marvel at the miniature, dry flowers, shaking them to hear the petticoat-like rustle they would make and holding them close to my face, eyes closed, breathing in their ethereal perfume. I imagined that this was what amethyst smelled like (later quartz-smelling activities were disappointing, I am sad to report).

The colour purple has always been my favourite and, I do mean the actual colour, not the Alice Walker book – although that is magnificent, too. Most of my clothes (disregarding the ones that are not black) hang in shaded rows of purple and blue, like the busy bee highways of fields of lavender. There is even a home spa room in my house that is a tiny, purple palace – in homage to that gorgeous hue. It is where I keep my (disappointingly-unscented) amethyst crystals and, in times of stress, my marbles. Meanwhile, my entire home is always scented with a mix of lavender, Temple Spa QUIETUDE and Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense and one of these days I will have dense, lavender borders outside my house for those busy bees to settle upon.


I sampled REPOSE for the first time at a friend’s spa experience, long before I became a consultant. We all applied it to our décolletage and were duly coached not to wash it off before bed time. I dutifully retired a couple of hours later, bosom unwashed, and could never have imagined how effective it was until I awoke the next morning, completely refreshed from an unexpectedly good night’s sleep.

Temple Spa REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Cream

Since I was in the market for a good night cream, REPOSE swiftly found its way to my Temple Spa routine. I will not be without it and I keep a jar in the bathroom and my bedroom. Even when I leave the house, REPOSE comes with me; I keep some in my MUSIC BOX and there is always a small pot of REPOSE in my bag. As I find myself repeating, so often, REPOSE (like many Temple Spa products) does not stop at doing everything it says on the box – it goes further, much further.

You can explore all of the things I have found that REPOSE can do over at my handy Product Spreadsheet but here are some highlights that feature some of the benefits of using this lovely aromatherapy resting cream.

Better than ‘just’ a moisturiser or night cream, this versatile product can be dabbed on your pulse points to relieve anxiety and on your temples to soothe the first signs of a headache or migraine. It is a brilliant carry-on for travelers as it helps to hydrate you in flight and can alleviate the symptoms of jet-lag post flight. Not only does REPOSE promote a good night’s sleep for you but, as it combats snoring, it is a good night’s sleep for everyone, then!


However, my absolute favourite and unexpected benefit that REPOSE offers is that it is perfectly safe to use on babies and small children. Rubbed into the soles of their feet and nap or bed time, it helps little angels to drift off on a calm, lavender cloud of bliss. This makes it a wonderfully thoughtful gift for new parents as it is available in a handy travel size; inexpensive, useful and perfect for toting about in baby changing bags!

REPOSE is just incredible; it even passed the fierce scrutiny of one of my grown-up sons – who is known for not sugaring his opinions (that’s my boy) – as he cited it as being something that he really liked, from the obvious benefits as a resting cream through to the no-nonsense but still, luxurious-looking packaging.

Temple Spa have even devised a REPOSE ‘Relaxation Ritual’ which helps us to get the best benefits from this lavender-scented pot of serenity.

NOTE: This is not my son; it is Temple Spa guru, Chris Parkes – not a known relation!

In conclusion then, whenever I am asked to suggest a good night-time moisturiser, I always begin my recommendations with REPOSE because, I do firmly believe that everyone’s day should end with it (and because my very wise son says so).


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