I love a face mask, me; always have done – way back to my teenage experiments with mashed bananas and whisked egg-whites (ugh – what was I thinking..?)

When I was asked at a Temple Spa meeting what my favourite mask was, I had no hesitation in sharing my favourites with my colleagues and now, I am sharing them here.

I do have a soft spot for THE CONTOURIST which is a sheet mask (championed by Lady Gaga, for one) if I am going to an event.

THE CONTOURIST recently picked up a gold award in for ‘Best Sheet Mask’ at the Beauty Bible Awards 2017 and no wonder!

Temple Spa THE CONTOURIST Skin Remodelling & Brightening MaskTHE CONTOURIST
Skin Remodelling & Brightening Mask
Gorgeousness unmasked!
6 sachets: £50.00

This fab’ facial mask to helps sculpt and define facial contours, while brightening, lifting, and targeting wrinkles.

In independent trials 91% agreed the mask left their skin hydrated and nourished, 83% said the mask left their complexion brightened and their skin instantly smoother.

Temple Spa

My skin has always been pretty normal but in recent months it has seemed dull and tends towards dryness (a change I have noticed following cancer-related treatments) and although I have never been prone to serious breakouts, I have noticed that my pores are enlarged in places and I do occasionally get a pimple. If I have had a few late nights and I have been busy, my skin tends to react by drying out even more; no doubt because I have neglected to rest and hydrate my body properly (which is code for ‘too much coffee not enough sleep’).

I use IN THE BEGINNING routinely and cleanse my face with it day and night (you can find out more about my IN THE BEGINNING routine here). It smells absolutely divine and contains a host of juicy, natural ingredients such as lavender, basil and, one of my favourite flowers, marigold so I have a cleanser that not only compliments my skin but my sugar skull obsession as well!

Deep Cleansing Melt
A hand-blended facial in a jar!
Regular Size: £30.00

Sugar skulls and Day of the Dead references not quite creepy enough? Once a month I also apply a PURIFICATION (Groomed & Glossy included it in their Top 10 Clarifying Face Masks) to my entire face – this is a look I like to call ‘spallowe’en’ and let me tell you, PURIFICATION terrifies those blackheads right out of your pores – you can actually watch it happening! It’s like having Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) in a jar.

One of the things I discovered through Temple Spa was multi-masking (where you apply different types of masks to various sections of your face depending on specific skin issues) and double-masking (where you mix masks in tandem). My preferred double-masking duo are PURIFICATION (dotted on any blemishes and across my T-zone where I have enlarged pores) and IN THE BEGINNING (on the rest of my face). 

Deep Cleansing Mask
A vacuum cleaner for the pores!
Regular Size: £27.00

Therefore, the mask(s) I use the most are IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt which is first and foremost a cleansing balm but, like many of our products, it can multi-task. I massage it in, missing any ‘isolated’ problem ares (like those darned pores) and then to those I apply PURIFICATION Deep Cleansing Mask.

After twenty minutes I place a warm flannel over my face for another couple of minutes and then use that flannel to remove the masks that have by then done their work.

So, that’s one of my personal rituals. Do you have a favourite Temple Spa mask? Tell me in the comments below and, if you want to, share your Temple Spa mask routine too and I’m always on hand to answer any of your questions about using masks and which ones are best for your skin type – just drop me a message.


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