Temple Spa PURIFICATION Deep Cleansing Mask

On 6th February 2017 I signed on the dotted line and began my adventure as a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant; in the following months I have been exclusively using Temple Spa products on my skin. Actually, I have used all the products; yes, all of them, more than once and, I am not in the least ashamed of this decadence

There are one or two of them that have become staples for me (as you may already have read) but by far, the ones I use regularly on my face are so magnificent I thought I would share my ‘indispens(p)ables’ with you. There is too much I want to say about each product for one blog post so this will also be the first ‘series’ I have produced. Enjoy!


Deep Cleansing Mask
A vacuum cleaner for the pores!
Regular Size: £28.00

Personally, I hold PURIFICATION in high regard and as you may already know, I like to team it up with IN THE BEGINNING. They are a fantastic little combo for when my skin needs a deep, moisturising cleanse with that authentic spa experience and, it’s not just me!

In independent user trials, 94% said that PURIFICATION helps to decongest pores whilst 88% agreed that their skin positively glowed after using PURIFICATION.

Temple Spa

So, if you have issues with hormonal skin flare-ups, acne and/or blackheads then this could be the Holy Grail skincare solution that you have been searching for!

Our products are not just for mature skin either; it is often my joy and privilege to hold classes for teenagers – usually because their mothers are already customers of mine and unsurprisingly, most of their peers have never heard of our products before. I know that they are not the type generally found in teen magazines but I think they should be because teenagers definitely love Temple Spa! Every teenager who faces the spot monster needs a jar of PURIFICATION on their dresser to defend themselves.

I have yet to enjoy an evening with a group of bubbly teens who did not love our products once they had tried them and, in their enthusiasm, they are no different to the adults I encounter with the amazed cries of “my skin is so smooth” and “I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ came off!”

18th Birthday Spa Experience
“I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ came off!”

This always makes me smile because whenever I hold a Temple Spa class for adults, they get so animated that they always remind me of enthusiastic, excited teenagers; it’s just so heart-warming!

18th Birthday Spa ExperienceSo, during a recent class, which had been arranged to celebrate a customer’s daughter’s eighteenth birthday, I chatted with her half a dozen or so young guests (ages ranging from 14 years old upwards) about their skin, skincare routines and particularly about those dreaded spots!

On the subject of the latter I of course immediately reached for my PURIFICATION. Much akin to the fascination with Dr. Sandra Lee’s pimple-popping exploits, these young ladies were transfixed by how they could actually see the PURIFICATION vacuuming away at those pores. Seriously – if you have a particularly prominent blemish and you keep an eye on progress after applying PURIFICATION you will witness this for yourself.

Temple Spa vs Acne: in picturesI have written about PURIFICATION so often on social media that it would be hard to miss one of my posts about it but I honestly love it and I cannot tell enough people about how marvelous this little pot of magic is.

You may have already seen my photographs of PURIFICATION treatment results on very young skin (21-years-old) and if not you can find them in this Facebook Album. The results were immediate and astounding!

So not only does this product look good and perform well but, the biggest, initial surprise for everyone, I think, is when they open the jar and divine scent of PURIFICATION teases their senses. Unarguably super at decongesting your pores and in addition, if you are feeling a bit fuzzy-headed then PURIFICATION can help you to feel less so. I make sure I never run out.

My final mention is that the most recent member of the PURIFICATION ‘family’ is an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, travel size pot that is included in the TASTE OF TEMPLE SPA Collection – which is only available to class hosts. Actually, it contains eleven little pots and tubes (almost as much “squee” value as a basket of kittens).



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